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Pbnhq has been the premier family and real estate law firm in the region for over thirty-five years, representing and protecting individuals and their families with the highest standards and attention to detail that is required for benchmark service.


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Welcome to PBNHQ Legal Services

Thirty-five years ago, Pbnhq Legal Services was established to serve and represent our clients in Family and Real Estate Law. Thirty-five years later, we might be much bigger and much more well known than we originally envisioned, but one fact remains the same.

We are in business to serve and represent our clients in Family and Real Estate Law. That means a lot to us and we believe it means a lot to our clients as well. When you do the same thing for 35 years you can’t help getting really good at it!

We Practice General Civil Law For Businesses,
Individuals, And Local Governments.

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Our Mission

Our mission has been and will always continue to be the number one “go to” legal service for Family and Real Estate Law in the region. We serve and represent people of all walks in life and our goal is to meet your individual legal needs, financially and compassionately,arming you with an expert legal team whose number one concern is always your best interestsand desired resolutions, accomplished through diligence, clarity and professional empathy.

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Our Practice Areas

Family Law Services

There is no need greater in today’s world than protecting the rights and needs of your loved ones. Because of this, family law proceedings are often fraught with difficulty and emotionally challenging.

The lawyers and support staff at Pbnhq have been chosen, hired and specifically trained to meet these highly personal and life-changing situations.

Divorce Law Services

At Pbnhq Legal Services we have dedicated an entire division to Divorce Law. Marital dissolution be it divorce, annulment or legal separation, will be experienced by nearly half of the couples who marry!

We are knowledgeable about the very latest legislation, statistics and landmark law suits so that we are able to represent our clients with a cutting-edgeclarity and responsiveness.

Real Estate Law Services

Real Estate Law covers all legalities related to “real property”, be it residential or business.

At Pbnhq Legal Services, our real estate attorneys offer hands-on support from drafting legal paperwork to negotiating all sales, terms and special conditions to the final closing, as well as facilitating all transactions related to buying, selling, mortgaging or leasing real estate.

Why Should You Consider PBNHQ Legal Services?

The ins and outs of Family and Real Estate law can be confusing and downright overwhelming.Oftentimes, when faced with Family or Real Estate Law issues you may also feel emotionally flooded and unable to make good decisions in the moment. When you enquire about our Legal Services we won’t immediately cite our successes, refer you to our Annual Report or inundate you with statistics. What we will do is ask you about your individual legal needs with respect and compassion and then endeavor to offer you the best legal support for your needs and budget with clarity and transparency. 

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Our PBNHQ Legal Service Clients are Always the Winners…

Our family recently went through a very private, very devastating family crisis that resulted in special guardianship orders. During a time when it often seemed as if every authority we interacted with felt they needed to invasively and exhaustively dig up every aspect of our private lives, frequently making us feel like “the bad guys”, Pbnhq’s attorneys and support staff, worked diligently and kindly to affirm that we were doing “the right thing”, reminding us that in the end…we were preserving and protecting our family. Our gratitude for their outstanding service knows no bounds.

Anthony Martell and Family

Six months ago, my business incorporated, expanding to several branches in a very short time period. My law team at Pbnhq was by my side at every step of the way. Their value for money, legal knowledge and real estate expertise fit the bill every time! I can thank Pbnhq Legal Services for many less sleepless nights than I envisioned when I started dreaming big – and when on occasion I couldn’t sleep it wasn’t because I was worried – it was because I was happy and excited!

Nancy Rose Allen