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Our Legacy

The Pbnhq Legal Service legacy began 35 years ago in a small office on Main Street. We’ve come a long, long way since our humble beginnings and today can boast over two dozen statewide locations, employing an impressive staff of partners, attorneys and dedicated support staff. We have also expanded our family and real estate law specialties to reflect the times. We offer legal services that meet the needs of our ever-changing world; including its innovations as well as its challenges.

At Pbnhq, one of our primary intentions is to get to know our clients on multiple levels – professionally, expediently and thoroughly but also as individuals with unique personal and legal challenges.We do this because we honestly care about our clients; and having their best interests always at the forefront, we want to make the best choices from our legal talent and resources to ensure outstanding and empathic representation throughout their legal process. We understand that the law is as much about the people it was legislated for as it is about statistics, strategy and winning arguments and we strive to find as precise a balance as we can when serving our valued clients.

Once you make the important decision to employ our legal services, Pbnhq will work diligently and tirelessly to represent you and your best interests and intents. We promise to always work within strict personal and professional boundaries and we will always endeavour to respect your privacy, asking for information on a “need to know” basis and remembering that you are the client and not a faceless subject of investigation. We think we are very skilled and fortunate when it comes to employing the best and brightest lawyers in the market. But we are not content to hire the best — we require all our attorneys to actively participate in legal conferences, seminars and roundtables to keep their legal skills knife-sharp, and we also expect them to hone their “people-skills”, in order to guarantee that each and every one of our clients is treated with the respect, compassion and dignity they are always deserving of. We are no fan of the “win at any cost” mentality other law firms loudly and brashly advertise on television and in print. Rather, we instil the belief in our staff and our clients that we can be just as efficient and end up with as many or more “wins” by treating people with empathy and understanding, saving our aggressiveness for the courtroom and the fight for justice. At Pbnhq we play to win…but we play by the rules and we always win fair.