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Pbnhq Family Law Services

There is no need greater in today’s world than protecting the rights and needs of your loved ones. Because of this, family law proceedings are often fraught with difficulty and emotionally challenging. The lawyers and support staff at Pbnhq have been chosen, hired and specifically trained to meet these highly personal and life-changing situations.

They understand and empathize the intensity of any form of domestic transition and/or upheaval and they make it their mission to represent their clients from beginning to end, maintaining strict professional boundaries, while deconstructing what are often deeply personal and sometimes painful disclosures and confidences in order to ensure the best resolutions, highest success rates and continued client satisfaction.

Our diverse and seasoned attorneys and partners ensure that you will always be paired with a legal team that understands your particular legal challenges and will fight for your rights, representing you with professionalism, compassion and a sense of urgency that aligns with the situation at hand. Our family law services include, but are not inclusive of the following domestic challenges:

Pre and PostnuptialAgreements:

Despite popular opinion that pre and post-nuptial agreements are coldhearted business deals that have no place in a loving marriage, many financial and relationship experts disagree, believing they support strong, trusting partnerships based on financial openness. Pbnhq Legal Services is in agreement with the experts and specialize in both pre and post-nuptial agreements, helping to forge financially sound bonds both before a marriage or after a marriage has taken place.

No matter where you are on the marriage track, getting a pre or postnuptial agreement ensures both of you that you will always be in complete control of your relationship, regardless of any outside influences, including other family members, a sudden change in circumstances or legislative changes.

Child Custody:

It is a serious fact that the emotionally charged issue of child custody must often be decided during what is perhaps the most life challenging time of your life. Pbnhq Legal Services strives to be the anchor in this highly personal storm, representing their client with legal expertise while always maintaining a sense of compassion, dignity and understanding that after all is said and done, children need stability, love and a family unit to grow and thrive.

It will be our greatest accomplishment and mission to represent and guide you as you navigate the intimate and all-important waters of child custody.

Visitation and Contact:

Once child custody is settled, mutually acceptable visitation and contact are crucial to custodial harmony and success. Pbnhq Legal Services believe that custody, visitation and contact should be negotiated as a package, ensuring a smooth transition and stable environment for children to flourish in for all the years of their childhood.

Grandparents Contact Mediation:

Up until quite recently, the sad fact of the matter was that in a legal sense, grandparents had little or no rights, but the battle for these rights is at the forefront in many courthouses both nationally and internationally.

Pbnhq Legal Services have and continue to have the first-hand experience with this trending legal battle and we are extremely interested and capable in representing grandparents seeking legal rights to their grandchildren.

Special Guardianship:

An unfortunate hallmark of contemporary society is the growing need for relatives and friends to step up and seek special guardianship for children in need. The authorities in charge of these children are not necessarily looking out for the best interest of these individuals.

Pbnhq Legal Services will ensure that all parties involved in special guardianship proceedings are protected for the entire years-long journey of raising a child that is not your own by birthright.

Father’s and Mother’s Rights:

In the case of unmarried parents, fathers need a court order to seek visitation and/or custody. When a mother and/or father have lost their rights to a child or children, they will need legal representation in order to establish contact and the possibility of visitation. These situations are complex, highly variable and often emotionally overwhelming. The lawyers at Pbnhq have the expertise and in court, experience to represent individuals who have these legal challenges.


Pbnhq Family Law Services take great pride in their ever-burgeoning “family” of children whose adoptive parents they’ve successfully represented over the decades! Our experienced lawyers are well-versed in both domestic and international adoption procedure.

Juvenile Delinquency Issues:

If your child has had the misfortune of juvenile delinquency issues that require legal representation we have attorneys who specialize in this vulnerable branch of the law and understand that a child’s entire future could depend upon a successful outcome. We urge you to seek our representation in any instance where your child or adolescent needs legal help.

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Six months ago, my business incorporated, expanding to several branches in a very short time period. My law team at Pbnhq was by my side at every step of the way. Their value for money, legal knowledge and real estate expertise fit the bill every time! I can thank Pbnhq Legal Services for many less sleepless nights than I envisioned when I started dreaming big – and when on occasion I couldn’t sleep it wasn’t because I was worried – it was because I was happy and excited!

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