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Pbnhq Real Estate Law Services

Real Estate Law covers all legalities related to “real property”, be it residential or business. At Pbnhq Legal Services, our real estate attorneys offer hands-on support from drafting legal paperwork, to negotiating all sales, terms and special conditions to the final closing, as well as facilitating all transactions related to buying, selling, mortgaging or leasing real estate. Our real estate attorneys are ready and willing to represent your interests in any and all real estate transactions you may ever be involved in.  

From home buying and selling, to second homes and investment properties as well as your business property management; no matter how big or small, cut and dried or complex, Pbnhq has the Legal manpower and knowledge of the latest real estate law to represent you through the entire process. Should your real estate issues become mired in disputes, Pbnhq’sattorneys will comprehensively handle them all, from breach of contract to zoning permits, construction defaults to foreclosures and issues of boundary clarity.

When you sign on as one of our esteemed clients, your legal team will effortlessly guide you through the complexities of real estate law and seamlessly scaffold interrelated laws when the need presents itself, leaving you able to focus on the practicalities of transitioning your family or business to its next exciting chapter.

AtPbnhq, we believe in the business of advocating for our clients when the going gets tough because we have the knowledge and experience to completely understand and empathize just how challenging real estate transactions can be due to the ever-changing laws, regulations restrictions and certifications required from federal, state and local government, as well as the unique requirements of each entity.

Our residential and commercial real estate law services include, but are not inclusive of the following property challenges:

Sales and Acquisitions

We represent buyers and sellers through the entire process of the purchase and disposition of real estate including private homes, rental and investment properties, business and commercial properties ranging in size from individual condos to multi-family properties; mom and pop shops to industrial parks and corporate empires.

We always take your budget constraints into consideration and make sure you get the best value and legal representation for your hard-earned money.

Title Searches 

Our real estate attorneys and their highly trained support staff examine and evaluate property titles, tracking down the sometimes-intricate history of real property and determining not only the veracity of the title but unearthing any specific regulations or restrictions that may be attached to the property from pre-existing issues such as liens, silent partners, estate disputes, easements or shared driveways. We find that our extra care and vigilance often end up saving you time, money, head and heartaches.

Real Estate Disputes 

When the worst-case scenario becomes unfortunate reality and you become embroiled in a real estate dispute, Pbnhq’s team of legal professionals are armed and ready to fight the battle and stay by your side until the war is won. We handle chain of title, lot line problems, zoning issues, conflict of interest, easement conflicts and any other real estate dispute you may become involved in, privately or in a business context. With knowledgeable legal representation backing you up, you can ride out any storm, confident that your rights and needs are being safeguarded.


Pbnhq Legal Services understand the importance of showing up, being prepared for any eventualities and, most importantly, closing the deal. We guarantee that your lawyer will be present and prepared on this crucial day. Your support team will ensure that all closing papers, including deeds, titles, mortgage loans, properly assigned and endorsed checks and a comprehensive closing statement are prepared and presented with accuracy, clarity and transparency. If the closing is delayed or changed, we guarantee the flexibility to be where and when you need us and if a dispute arises during the closing, we will have no problem switching gears and protecting your rights and your future investment with all the legal tools that are necessary to get the job done.


We often find that our best advertising is our long-time clients and we can honestly and proudly claim that we have clients who have been with us for decades. As such, we have been there as they purchased their first home and business properties; made wise investment property purchases to fund a growing family and college educations; downsized gracefully and planned for the homes and businesses of future generations! Property of all kinds is a tangible asset that can provide protection and value for your family tree, including branches that you may never see, but which will reverberate throughout the ages.


Pbnhq’s menu of Real Estate Services reflect the current residential and commercial market, and our lawyers pride themselves on being savvy and on the cutting edge of real estate law. Many of them also hold active realtor licenses, believing this extra licensure affords them an added advantage when representing our clients and helping them navigate the oft times complex details of a real estate transaction. At Pbnhq Legal Services, our real estate law division live, eat and breath property law. It takes a special skill set and passion to be the best in real estate law, and we believe we hit the mark time and time again.


If you find yourself in the market to buy or sell real estate, call on Pbnhq Legal Services to represent you, preserve and protect your assets navigate your entire property journey.

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Six months ago, my business incorporated, expanding to several branches in a very short time period. My law team at Pbnhq was by my side at every step of the way. Their value for money, legal knowledge and real estate expertise fit the bill every time! I can thank Pbnhq Legal Services for many less sleepless nights than I envisioned when I started dreaming big – and when on occasion I couldn’t sleep it wasn’t because I was worried – it was because I was happy and excited!

Nancy Rose Allen